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The Apollo


Since 2017 I have been an avid investor and have witnessed the shadiness of the crypto space eat up good projects that just needed help marketing and launching their project.

Between marketing proposal scams, botted influencer groups overcharging for posts, and presale platforms dumping tokens as soon as the chart is looking good. This needs to stop.

We set out to change this by developing the initial 3 platforms of our ecosystem giving projects a better way to hire, market, and launch their projects.

Projects are not the only ones hurting. It is the investors as well. So we wanted to give the most we can back to our holders by sharing in the profit our ecosystem generates. Through our staking system, investors will be able to share in 4% of the profit every one of our platforms generates and any platform we build in the future.

We truly have a vision of helping projects lift off and showing massive gains to the holders of Apollo and look forward to the long-term growth of our ecosystem.

Pat Riley

Pat Riley


Apollo Ventures



The Apollo presale platform has been designed with project owners, investors, and our Apollo holders in mind with some state of the art functions which include instant KYC verification for projects, pre-buying marketing packages from the proceeds of the presale, whitelist spots for our holders just for holding our token and NFTs! Along with the presale aspect, we will also market the project on our voting platform once launched giving the ability also for investors to see charts, buy/sell history and even buy directly on our platform.

Plus offering the first of its kind crypto insurance which owners of our Apollo Pups NFTs can stake 1 to 4 NFTs and be reimbursed from 25% to 100% of the initial presale investment in a vetted project if it rugs or has an exploit! 




Apollo is the first of its kind to add measurable & scalable results to the growing 10 billion dollar influencer marketing industry through a new pay-per-click platform. Let’s look at the crypto space. Token owners would pay a lump sum to post their project in a Telegram group or Twitter, not knowing how much traffic it will generate.

With our platform, the guesswork is gone. Add funds to our platform, choose which forum you wish to advertise on, set your daily budget, set your desired bid how much you want to pay per click and our platform will post on our network of influencers accounts, multiple times a day and only charging you for the traffic you receive! Once your budget is depleted, our system automatically deletes your post from their accounts and we start over.



Our crypto service marketplace is based on the Fiverr gig platform allowing crypto services to post what they offer and have people safely buy their services using our built-in escrow service. It is 100% free for services to list on the platform and we have multiple categories to choose from. This includes marketing, graphic design, development, and many others.

Buyers can fund their wallets using the most popular crypto and order services, approve the service and release the funds to the seller.

We Want

To Share
More Profit!

We want to give back even more through our profit-sharing NFTS! Not only do holders that stake their NFTs receive 1% of our profit, but they also receive 1% of the token tax as well.

It doesn’t stop there for perks either. Stake NFTs and Tokens on our presale platform to earn whitelist spots for the hottest projects launching as well as whitelist spots on our next phase, the NFT Launchpad.

Down To


Our advanced tokenomics and platform profit-sharing bring a great utility as well as hype factor tokenomics.

4% Share Of All Platforms Profit

3% Auto Liquidity
4% Marketing Wallet In BNB
2% A11 Reflections To Holders
2% Lottery Wallet In BNB
1% To NFT Holders
1% To Lock Screen App Installs

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34% Private / Pre Seed / Influencers

Between a round of private sale and presale done & strategic partnerships with influencers 35% of the token supply has been sold.

12% Pre Sale

Our pre-sale will be launched on our own Apollo platform and will be offering whitelisting

10% Team

Team tokens will be vested for 36 months with releases starting in 4 months

10% Future Exchanges

The sky is the limit with exchanges and need to hold bock tokens in order to supply liqudity pairs on CEX platforms.

5% Rewards

We want to reward our holders and hold contests to help promote the coin. The 5% will be vested for 5 months with 1% available for the first 5 months.

5% Partnerships

Making strategic partnerships will be an important marketing strategy for Apollo. This will include other projects and influencers.

Looking To Work

With a Fast Growing Ecosystem?

Apollo is Hiring Sales People!

With the fast growth of our ecosystem, we are looking for highly skilled sales staff to join our team to help propel our platforms to the next level.

These positions are high-paying commission-only with the task to find more business for our platforms. Training and proposal material will be provided!

Think you have what it takes?

Then reach out!

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Team: team@a11.ventures
Ads Platform: team@a11.marketing
Presale Platform: team@a11.finance
Marketplace: team@a11.market

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